ERM and Captives: The Realities of Modern Day Risks

Modern day businesses are exposed to more risks than ever before, yet so few of those are covered by typical insurance policies. An article in the Captive US Mid-Market Report 2014 written by Brian Johnson, a member of Oxford’s Best-in-Class independent actuarial team, reviews real businesses that suffered significant losses due to cyber attack.  In these cases, the businesses provided free credit monitoring for one year to the potentially affected parties, costing millions of dollars, on top of the expenses occurred in marketing, legal overheads, and consulting costs. Click below to read the full article.

Here at Oxford, we can help protect your business from Breach/Release of Data related to Hacking and/or Virus Exposure.  Call a Sales Team Member to discuss what risks your business could be facing.

ERM and Captives – The Realities of Modern Day Risks